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This is our damper kit starter pack for your drum smoker. It is the most affordable and is the easiest option to install.

SmokerBuilder MFG has built thousands of drum smokers and helped others build even more. With our unmatched customer support you can rest assured that your smoker project will be fun and easy to build.

You are here because you are wanting to build a UDS Drum Smoker.

I bet you have some questions...

  1. How do you know which kind of air inlet to use?
    While we prefer to make the UDS Drum smokers fancy and all, you really only need to control temperature by adjusting your inlet air and have the ability to adjust your exhaust to cut down on temperature spikes when they happen. These air inlet and exhaust dampers do exactly that. they are the tightest sealing and also the easiest to adjust on the market. We have been using these for over 10 years on thousands of smokers. They are guaranteed...
  2. How about which smoke stack style to use?
    We offer bolt on style, threaded, and weld on style. For drums with a threaded bung on them we recommend using the threaded version. For drums with no bung or if the bung is in the wrong spot for your application we recommend you use the bolt on style or if you can weld then the welded version.
  3. Do upright air inlet tubes make a difference?
    One drawback to the side mounted air inlet dampers can be high wind conditions. Wind can blow into or across the face of the air inlet which can cause a negative draw through the drum. You will see smoke come out the air inlet when this happens. Usually in a puff. The uprights change the angle of the air inlet opening and also make it easier to adjust the damper blade in the upright position. If you see a negative down draft in high wind conditions we simply place a charcoal starter chimney over the exhaust stack. This causes some turbulence on the exhaust which helps minimize the downdraft.

If you need additional help or have other questions you can always call us at 573-612-1315 or message us using the Facebook chat option below

Customer Reviews

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Great fit and finish...

I received my kit in the mail and was extremely happy with the fit and finish. Parts are heavy gauge steel with beautiful welds! I did have to ream out all of the holes in the flanges as noted but this as not a big deal at all. My only suggestion would be to be a bit more careful in hardware QC as I was short one bolt and heavy one nut. Again, not a major issue - just a minor frustration. One last thing I would comment on has to do with shipping. My only suggestion would be to find a cheaper way to ship. There are several things I would love to purchase right now from SmokerBuilderMFG, but due to the shipping costs being almost the same cost as the item, it's very cost prohibitive. Hopefully you guys can find a way to resolve this in the future. Thanks again! -Tim B.

Great product

I love using SmokeBuilders products. And I love that it is always on time delivery.

Starter UDS damper kit

Very pleased with the dampers. Quality is very good. Easy to install and work well. I would buy from this vendor again. My kids said smoked turkey for Thanksgiving from now on!

Starter uds damper kit

Very high quality parts and great customer service. I will definitely buy from again. I'm very pleased with my purchase. Thanks

Very nice!

Very mice well built and functional