SmokerBuilder MFG UDS Smoker SHORTY upright air inlet (includes 1- bolt on tube with cover)

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     Hurry and get yours! Only 20 tubes available!

This is our Shorty Upright air inlet tube. You see our popular 29 inch version used by thousands of people to build their own UDS Drum Smoker, now you can get a single tube that is shorter to be used on 30 gallon drums as well as on 55 gallon drums!

     We have taken all the welding out of it for you! All you need to do is drill your holes, test fit the bolts, paint everything, then install it on your drum. We recommend you place a bead of high temp silicone around the inlet hole to seal it prevent air leaks.

Each upright includes:

  • 6 stainless steel 1/4-20 by 1 inch long bolts
  • 5 stainless steel 1/4-20 flange nuts
  • 1 stainless steel 1/4-20 Nylock nut
  • 1 cover blade

Tools needed to install:

  • cordless drill
  • 1/4 inch drill bit
  • 1-3/8 holesaw
  • sharpie marker
  • 2- 7/16 wrenches

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