330 Gallon Propane Tank Reverse Flow Or Offset Style Smoker

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Reverse Flow Or Offset Style Smoker Built Using A 330 Gallon Propane Tank!

Cooking mouth watering BBQ on a real wood fire has never been easier!

Starting as low as $3950!

Get your build scheduled for only $200 down!


If you have been in the search for a real wood fired smoker that is easy to cook on without using electronics, gas, or pellets then you have found the place!
SmokerBuilder Manufacturing is known worldwide for our smoker design!

We have helped a lot of first time Pit Masters achieve better than expected results the first time they fire up their new smoker and consistently achieve better results as they continue to cook!

The 330 Stick Burner:

This smoker is a beast! It is built using a 330 gallon propane tank that is 100 inches long and 30 inches in diameter.

In the pictures it is shown as a reverse flow style smoker but can also be built as a standard offset or a hybrid reverse flow smoker!

Reverse Flow Baffle Plate:

Our reverse flow smokers use a baffle plate in the cooking chamber to give the air mass in the cook chamber a 180 degree convection pattern and combine that with super even radiant heat from the baffle plate resulting in the most even cook chamber temperatures you can achieve!
This design cooks from the bottom up. This means the air mass and heat starts under the cooking surface and cooks upward as the air mass moves through the cooking chamber. This style of smoker is ideal for cooking large volume of the same size meats such as filling the cooking chamber up with pork butts or briskets.

Standard Offset Style:

As a standard offset we use a throat baffle instead of a horizontal baffle plate. The throat baffle is positioned at the throat opening (or firebox to cook chamber opening) which forces the air mass upward to the top of the cooking chamber where it cooks from the top down. Then the air mass drafts toward the smoke stack which is mounted on the opposite end of the cooking chamber where it is forced back down below the cooking surface to exit the smoker.
This convection pattern provides a unique cooking style and unbelievable flavor in your product! This style of smoker is ideal for having temp zones for different sizes and types of meat being cooked at the same time such as chicken, ribs, briskets, and pork butts etc. You will need to flip and rotate from time to time during your cook for appearance and cooking time.

Hybrid Reverse Flow Style:

This is one of my favorites! Maximum flexibility for cooking style and temp zones!
We call it a Hybrid because it combines both styles of smoker mentioned above! In this design we use the same dependable formula as the reverse flow smoker to design the smoker but we cut the baffle plate into smaller movable sections for "Tuning" and then we add a second smoke stack on the end of the smoker just like the offset style.
With this smoker you can adjust temperature zones on purpose, still have the ability to cook from the bottom up, and totally change up your cooking style!

Perfectly "Tuned" Smoker:

We actually have math to back up our smoker designs. Yep, no guess work here! We have been perfecting our "Tune" since 2007 when we made our first smoker completely adjustable. When we "Nailed it" we put the formula to work. since then we have designed and built smokers using it with a 100% success rate!
We put this formula to work in every single smoker we build to ensure our customers get consistent results every single time!

Door Side Air Inlets:

Our door side air inlets on the fire box make it easier than ever to control your smoker temperature and keep that thin blue smoke rollin' out your stack!
Our fire boxes, log racks, and air inlets are designed with the air flow pattern in mind. We mount the air inlets in the door below the log rack to give an easy path for combustion air to go directly to the coal bed resulting in an evenly heated air mass and easy to maintain complete combustion.

Insulated Fire Boxes:

We can fully or partially insulate your fire box as an option! We use a unique construction method to minimize contact between the inside of the fire box and the outside skin. We build them with all 1/4 inch steel plate inside and out! We use a 1.5 inch thick 2500 degree rated mineral wool insulation for durability and to control heat transfer.

Trailers, Stands, or Carts:

Every style and size of our smokers can be built on a trailer, a stand, or a cart. We build the trailers in house to fit your smoker just like the stands or carts. We can incorporate D-rings, fork pockets, rigging shackles, tie downs, wood storage, or anything you can come up with!

Shipping or Pick Up:

We can ship all of our smokers nationwide! We do not mark up shipping costs and invoice them at the time the smoker is ready to be shipped. We use FedEx LTL Freight or Hot Shot delivery services nation wide.
You can also come pick up your new smoker! Heck, if you let Frank know you're interested and stick around for a few hours or a day and we will build the first fire with ya!

Got more questions?

Give us a call if you have more questions about our designs! The number to call is 573-612-1315 Monday though Saturday 9:00am to 5:30 pm Central Time USA.

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