About Us

The Company

The SmokerBuilder MFG Team

     SmokerBuilder Manufacturing LLC is located in St James, MO. A small town in Mid-Missouri located 1 mile off I-44 exit 195.

     SmokerBuilder was founded by Frank in 2010 with a small blog and a shop full of tools. The mission was to "Teach people to build a smoker". In 2011 Frank started SmokerPlans.net and started designing plans for customers to build their own pit from materials they had laying around. SmokerPlans.net has grown and now boasts over 200 sets of SmokerPlans™ and kits. In 2014 Tom came on board and they teamed up with Island Outdoor LLC of Commack, NY to produce and distribute a vast array of parts and supplies to the barbecue industry. In 2015 Derek joined as well and helped streamline their production and distribution. Eight years later the company has grown to provide the most complete and in-depth resource for BBQ Smoker and BBQ Pit design in the industry. Reaching a Global audience, SmokerBuilder has been influential in many professional Barbeque businesses ranging from smoker production and construction to restaurants and food trucks.


The Team

     SmokerBuilder Manufacturing LLC is owned and operated by Tom Heath ("TortillaTom"), Derek Colvin ("TheCzar"), and Frank Cox ("OB1"). Together we have designed, prototyped, built and operated thousands of smokers. You can learn more about us on our forums at SmokerBuilder.com/forums.

Tom Heath- Production Manager/ Design


Tom has been building and fabricating his whole adult life. He has an infinite knowledge of welding and fabricating equipment, production management, smoker and grill design and fabrication, equipment operation, manufacturing process management, and process development. You can find him on our forums... his username is Tom_Heath

Derek Colvin- Order Fulfillment/ Shipping and Receiving/ Warehouse Manager/ Retail Manager

     Derek handles all of our shipping and receiving, inventory, order fulfillment, web sales processing, in-store sales.... he is one busy dude! You can find him on our forums... his username is "TheCzar"

Frank Cox- Sales and Marketing/ Website Guru/ BBQ Biz Consulting

     Frank handles all of the internet presence for SmokerBuilder including but not limited to: SmokerPlans.net, SmokerBuilder.com, BBQPitCalculator.com, SmokerBuilderMFG.com, Social Media, Mailing Lists,... LOL...
Other things that he finds time to do is Sales and Marketing for both Customers that are End Users as well as Wholesale and Distribution customers. If you are a Professional Smoker or Grill builder then you need to call him at 573-612-1315. He can help you with parts sourcing, custom design, business consulting (HELP YOUR SHOP BECOME PROFITABLE!), and much more!