Stainless Face 3 inch dial 4 inch stem thermometer

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This is the most popular thermometer being used right now! Fully able to be calibrated using the screw on the back of the thermometer.

This one is 3 inch dial and a 4 inch stem. Using a 1/2 inch nominal male pipe thread connection.

Includes stainless steel nut

Customer Reviews

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Great product

Most accurate thermometer I have used for the price. Highly recommended.


Very Clean and Classic Look. Love That The Stainless Helps To Break Up The Color

Temp Gauge

Great quality and great look

Way Better!

Works great! The original wasn't even close to displaying the correct temp. Quality made and accurate. What more do you need?

Stainless Guage

After receiving the guage, it was very impressive with the shinny stainless steel surrounding a large 3 inch dial. I couldn't wait to install it on my twin smoker and "give it the test". I built a fire in the fire box after easily installing it into my 1/2 inch (npt) opening and watched the analog needle do it's thing. I did question the reading and felt that the guage was a little off from what I thought the temperature inside the chamber should be. I went and got my digital guage with probes and put the probes inside the cooking area near the 4 inch probe protruding from the new guage. To my surprise both the digital, and the new analog guage were reading the same temperature, I was sold... I did buy 2 guages (twin cookers) and both gauges did the same thing. If the analog guage had been off, I would have probably adjusted it with the adjustment screw in the back of the guage. I've used other gauges and this guage is great, I need to buy two more of these for the twin warmers.