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Imagine with me for a minute. You have a cup of coffee in your hand. It is a cool, crisp, spring Saturday morning.The sun is out, the sky is clear, the birds are chirping, and you remember how fortune found you last night...

      On the way home from work you stopped at your local grocery store. You walked straight to the meat department and couldn't believe your eyes! You spotted a brisket... not just any old brisket... This brisket had the best marble you'd ever seen. You were shocked at the price! Someone must have marked it with the wrong price! Could this be true?! $1.79 per pound?! You bought the brisket and kept your mouth SHUT!

      You rushed straight home, got out your best injection and rub combo... the one you have been saving for that PERFECT moment! You carefully trimmed that amazing brisket, slowly, precisely, saving every bit of fat for making sausage. You put it in the fridge for the night and let the magic happen.

      You could hardly sleep. You tossed and turned all night with the anticipation of lighting your smoker and spending a relaxing day with your family and friends, smelling that amazing brisket cooking on your smoker.

      The moment had arrived! You excitedly prepared your smoker and rubbed the brisket with your favorite rub. While your smoker was coming up to temp you brewed your coffee... Your favorite coffee... 

Now is the moment... You place the brisket carefully on your smoker and you hear the sizzle... time seems to stand still... the cycle is complete... now you wait for perfection...


This perfect moment was made possible by The DraftMaster™ 12x12 Charcoal Basket


  • Heavy Duty 14 gauge steel
  • Dimensions are 12"x12" and 12" tall. Basket depth is 9"
  • Weight 16 pounds
  • Holds 18 pounds of briquette charcoal
  • NOW Completely welded together!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Awesome basket

Best basket I ever bought!!!!


Easy to put together, high quality parts

So far so good!

Works a described and easy to assemble.

High-quality and easy to assemble

As the title says this thing is heavy well-built and easy to assemble. Built-in ashtray at the bottom plenty of ventilation, convenient handle. Highly recommend this product.

Draftmaster Charcoal basket

This is a great heavy duty basket and it works great in my drum. The shipping was fast and the assembly only took maybe 5 minutes. I will do business here again.