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So, You finally burned the Liner and Paint off of your Used Barrel... But now it's a mess! So, how do you CLEAN UP after your burnout? With a little elbow grease and a few supplies we can show you how! Watch this video to see how we did it: Why clean? Now that you've burned off the inner liner and the outer paint, your used barrel is nearly ready for construction. But, it's important that get at least the inside of your barrel thoroughly cleaned, whether you put a new coat of paint on the drum or not. Some...

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You've found a used drum for your UDS Build

BUT you discover that the barrel has a LINER!

What the heck do you do now?

You may be thinking "Can't I just leave it in?"

And the answer is NO and here's why:


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Now, it's no secret that anyone can go to Google, Craigslist or Facebook Market place and search for a USED 55 Gallon drum. BUT the trick is to know what you are looking for when you do!

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Want to know how to build a UDS Drum Smoker? You have no doubt been searching for answers to your questions about the proper way to build a UDS Smoker and have seen a lot of different approaches. Some look amazing and some look awful. Some seem easy to understand but difficult to do. What if I told you there is a way to build your UDS Drum smoker without the need for expensive tools, welding, and difficult fabrication? Well here ya go! No welding, no crazy tools required, no difficult fabrication and you can do it in less than...

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Can you Bake on a smoker?? Absolutely! Of Course You Can! I have baked cakes, brownies, cookies, pizzas, and now I'm going to do Cinnamon Rolls! I have been working in my spare tme for the last little bit searching for what I consider the perfect cinnamon roll recipe. I think I have found them! I recommend when you are looking to bake something in your smoker you give it a few trys in the oven first to figure it all out. I like this recipe the best because it calls for baking them at 325°F which is easy to...

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