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What all pit masters need to know about lighting a fire in your UDS Drum smoker

I get a lot of questions about startup on all different kinds of smokers. One of my favorites smokers is the Ugly Drum, so let's start there.

First - how to light a UDS drum smoker. Later on I'll address temperature control and different scenarios that a person can get into whenever he/she has a fire they can't control and/or temperature fluctuations. So I'll try to split that up into about three blog posts. So, let's talk about charcoal...

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Barrel smoker, SmokerBuilder, Uds, Ugly drum smoker -

Well, I tell ya... First of all we need to make sure that all the ash can render out without plugging up the air passages in the coal bed. I mean we aren't gonna have gaps between the coals but more like the powdery ash will have room to fall clear.

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