How To Remove the Gasket & Liner From a Used Barrel Lid

How To Remove the Gasket & Liner From a Used Barrel Lid

So, you've burned out your barrel for your UDS build, but now you have this LID to deal with.

Now, you may be tempted to simply burn the lid ALONG with the barrel, but that's not a good idea! Here's why:

If you put your lid on top of your burning barrel, to try and burn off the liner, then your lid will do what I call the "taco effect". It will bend and contort to a point that is difficult to fix. 

Luckily, there is a better way to make sure you can get your paint/liner off without damaging the lid.

Check out how we did it here:

 Removing the Liner & Gasket from Your UDS Lid:

This step is just as important as removing the Liner from the Barrel you plan to use for your UDS Build. Both need to be liner free to avoid toxins going into your food during a cook.

Additionally there is a gasket in the lid that needs to be removed to make sure your lid sits tight on the drum(which will help keep your temperature under control).

Before we start this process, here's what you need:


1. Safety Gear

This might be a no brainer, but we just want to make sure we cover this part. you will need thick gloves & safety glasses for this project. We don't want anyone getting hurt!

2. Grinder With Surface Preparation Disc

You can use a normal flat grinder disc, but we used a surface prep disc. Either one works, you just want to make sure it's secure on your grinder.

3. Heat Gun

You won't need a lot of heat, but you will need a little. A heat gun will do just the trick(and its a bit hotter than a blow dryer).

(It should be noted that anytime you need power tools like a heat gun or grinder that your will also need power. We recommend getting an extension cord with a 3 way splitter so your two power tools can be easily switched out.)

4. Needle Nose Pliers

This will come in handy when grabbing the lid. It can get a little hot from the friction of the grinder and heat gun, so using pliers to grab it is a good idea (even with the thick gloves).

5. Piece of Angle Iron(or Something Like It)

It sounds silly, but something small with a hard tensile strength(like a piece of angle iron) will come in handy when cleaning of your Surface Prep disc when the paint starts to gunk it up.

Now that we have all our supplies let's get into how we do it!



Set your lid up side down on top of your upright barrel. This gives you a nice work table. Also, bring all your supplies within arms reach (you'll be using the heat gun and pliers first). 


Using your heat gun, heat the lip of the lid (not directly on the gasket, but underneath it). With this step you are heating up the glue and loosing it's hold on the gasket. As you heat, use your pliers to pull the gasket out. Do this for the whole gasket and it will be out in no time!

(Sometimes the Gasket will pull right out)


Using your grinder and surface prep disc, you will grind away the liner. When you set your grinder against the liner surface, don't set it FLAT. Instead, tilt the grinder wheel about 30 degrees off the lid. This way only the top part of the wheel will do the work. This will insure that you don't gum up the disc with the liner material as fast.


As you go, you may need to clean your grinder disc. The liner will gum in the disc and this will disable you from continuing to get a good clean job. So, as needed, use  small piece of angle iron to knock that excess off. (You can do this by turning on the grinder and putting the angle iron on the disc until marginally clean).


Once you've cleaned the central part of the lid, you can turn your grinder disk on it's side and grind away the liner in the LIP of the lid. Be sure and tilt the grinder wheel left and right to get a good thorough cleaning.

Once all the liner material is out, that's it! You officially cleaned off the lid, and all the inside components are ready for your build!



Like the inside of your barrel, the lid also needs the liner removed. It's not a good idea to do this at the same time as burning out your barrel, because you will cause the lid to bend or "taco" and that's very difficult to fix. Therefore you will need to get the liner off a different way.

To do this, you will need your safety gear(safety glasses and heavy duty gloves), grinder & surface prep disc, heat gun, needle nose pliers, and a piece of angle iron. Once you have your tools, you will use the heat gun to warm the lip of the lid. This will warm the glue and enable you to pull it out using your pliers. Next, you will use your grinder to grind away the liner on the central part of the lid. Periodically, you will need to use the angle iron to knock the excess gunk from your disc. Finally, you will turn the grinder disc on it's side and grind out the liner from the lip of the lid(where the gasket was).

And then you're all done!

Hope this helped on your Smoker Building Journey!

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We wish you the best of luck and thanks for reading!



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