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So, you're all set to cook in your Reverse Flow or Offset Smoker, but now you're wondering  "Do I need a water pan for my smoker?"

I'll tell you right now, there are a lot of reasons you may want a water pan in your cooker, BUT it's important to know exactly what those reasons are!

You can check out this Video Podcast where we discuss the reasons you might want a water pan:

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Here at SmokerBuilder we've spent years building UDS Drum Smokers! There's been lots of trial and error, but we finally perfected a system of part placements that gives you an optimal cook and sleek construction for your UDS!

And that's why we made our UDS Template!

This Template will help you get your parts where they need to be, and shows your exactly where to mark them! 

Today, we'd like to show you how to use this template!

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So, you've burned out your barrel for your UDS build, but now you have this LID to deal with.

Now, you may be tempted to simply burn the lid ALONG with the barrel, but that's not a good idea! Here's why:

If you put your lid on top of your burning barrel, to try and burn off the liner/paint, then your lid will do what I call the "taco effect". It will bend and contort to a point that is difficult to fix. 

Luckily, there is a better way to make sure you can get your paint/liner off without damaging the lid.

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From the Smoke Stack to the Food Quantity to the Height of the FireBox...

There are several differences between a Reverse Flow Smoker and an Offset Smoker!

Today we are gonna go over those differences and hopefully help you decide what Smoker would best for your BBQ needs!

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So you found a tank for your Smoker build, but now you need to start laying it out! The first thing you SHOULD do is find Top Dead Center.


Top Dead Center is going to be your reference for all of your layout, cuts, and parts on your Smoker. It will be the deciding factor on whether your cooker looks uniform or not.

So, to be absolutely sure you have precise, level, and accurate measurements, finding the top dead center on your Propane tank is first on the list! Once you have that you can cut out your cook chamber doors!

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