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Our Passion Is Building Smokers. We Build Them Because We Love Building Them!

Since 2010 the team at SmokerBuilder® has helped thousands of customers achieve the pit of their dreams.

Now a full service custom-build shop, we'll work closely with you to bring your dream to life.  Need a 1000 gallon propane tank? We can do that. Need it on a trailer? We can do that too.

If you can explain it, we can probably build it! Fill out our no-hassle custom quote form now for a free estimate!

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Why don't those "box store" smokers give Pitmasters like you the result you want?

Well it’s because the big box stores don't understand BBQ Like Real Pitmasters do!

The big box stores are more concerned with the profitability of a SKU than they are of the results you are trying to achieve!

Getting the best smoker you can for your hard earned money is their last concern!

Big Box Store smokers are often made without the customer experience in mind which leads to sacrificing ease of use, lots of flare ups, and lack of flavor in your BBQ!

Those smokers are made from the cheapest materials and workmanship that they can find so the smokers do not last and worst of all Pitmasters like you wind up frustrated and working hard to cook your BBQ!

Well now there’s a solution!

Fill Out The Form Below To Get Your FREE Quote!

    Let Us Build Your Smoker For You!

    We would love to build your smoker for you! If you would like us to build a smoker for you, please fill out the form below so we can get you a quote!

    What Size Cooking Chamber Do You Want?*

    How Do You Want It Mounted?*

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    Final Finish

    So We Can Be Prepared When We Call You, What Kind Of Budget Range Suits You Best?

    The Perfect Size Smoker For Your Needs!

    We build smokers using 24 inch pipe, 250 gallon propane tanks, 500 gallon propane tanks, and 1000 gallon propane tanks.

    We build them on stands, sleds, and trailers we build in house!

    We can build them with one door or two doors. On 1000 gallon smokers we can do three or four doors!

    Our available features include warming cabinets, wood storage racks, door counterweights, door props, front mounted shelves, insulated fire boxes, tool hangers, probe ports, fancy wheels, and more!

    The styles of smokers we build are open offsets, traditional offsets, reverse flows, and our hybrid reverse flow!

    Be sure to fill out the form to get a quote for your custom smoker!

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    Is today Christmas?!? It sure feels like it around here! Our new smoker has made it home, and we can’t wait to use it. @smokerbuilder we can’t thank you enough!

    M. Clancy’s BBQ & Pub Fare

    I can't thank Frank and his awesome team enough! They knocked this one out of the park.

    Shade Tree Barbeque

    Custom built amazing I love this thing. Welcome to the family!

    Island Fine BBQ
    250 Gallon Draft Smoker

    These guys rock!!!! You will not meet or see any better quality than what these guys do. I started out with an idea, and they helped put it on paper and finally into a dream that I always wanted... nevertheless, there is no disappointment!!! I now am the proud owner of a very awesome reverse flow smoker. Don’t hesitate, call them to build your smoker and have the quality that will last you a lifetime. Heads and shoulders above any else!

    John D.
    Yes! Give Me A Quote!
    Is there financing available?
    Yes! Currently we are using Sezzle for financing options.
    Is there a down payment required?
    We ask that a 50% down payment of the total price be received before your build is started. If you need special arrangements or financing for your build please let us know on your call.
    Can you ship or deliver to my address?
    Yes! We can ship to your address! We do not include these charges at the time of sale but we can get several quotes for you once we complete your build.
    Is pick up available?
    Absolutely! As a matter of fact, we actually prefer this method!

    As a bonus for coming to pickup your smoker we will build the first fire in it with you so you can get to know your smoker before you take it home!
    How soon will my smoker be ready for pickup or shipment after my order is complete?
    All orders are typically 3 months for production but could be ready faster depending on the size and features of your smoker and our current build schedule. Once we get your quote details worked out and your down payment is received we can get a more accurate lead time for your build to be ready for pick up or delivery.
    Can you ship to locations outside the USA lower 48 states?
    Yes! We need to get a quote for shipping and the checkout process will happen best over the phone. If you would like to order a smoker and you are outside the USA lower 48 states please call us at 573-612-1315 for a quote.
    I'm not ready to Get A Quote at this time, I have more questions.
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